2nd Anniversary Nailed It!! Contest and Giveaway

2nd annv kevin bacon

Hey y’all! The Sassy Trashionista turned 2 this month, and I wanted to do something a little quirky and fun to celebrate this milestone.

Did I mention fun? Fun is kind of important to me. That and not taking myself too seriously {this will crystallize for you shortly}.

Inspiration is a really interesting thing, at least for me. It can come from so very many different places.

Pinterest is definitely one of the resources I turn to on a regular basis for some eye candy. To be honest, I probably spend way too much time on Pinterest.

Ok, Pinterest is my porn.

Hey, that would make a great necklace…

At any rate, I started thinking about what I could do to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the blog, and due to the fact that I have the attention span of a gnat compounded with the ginormous rabbit hole that is Pinterest, I ended up going in a completely different direction than I could have ever imagined.

What started with my research for the Pantone Fall Colors for 2015, eventually led to this:


What the…is that a bird cage on her head?

The more I went down the rabbit hole, the more ridiculous the fashion became.

Now look y’all, I am a trashionista, not a fashionista. I have no idea what is trendy right now and I definitely do not wear all the latest fashions…but in whose world is this “ready to wear?” I mean, besides Lady Gaga’s.

It suddenly dawned upon me that the time had come for Nailed It: The Fashion Edition.

So everyone has run across the “nailed it” memes at some point, right? Those ideas that all seem so doable, until you actually do them.

This happens to be one of my favorites:


Talk about your sacrificial lambs…

To make a long story short, and to get you to the details of the contest, what ended up happening was a crazy photo shoot involving my daughters, their friends, my very dear friends Dawn Despoth of Dawn Marie Photography and Gerri Talevich of Gerri’s Closet , 2 models she was able to talk in to the madness, toast hot glued to a dress, sleeping bags and gigantic bows…on to the images!!

For those days when you just want to project cheerfulness!!!

model: Grace Short

model: Grace Short

When you are going for a soft, approachable look….

model: Lili Villafranca

model: Lili Villafranca

No poncho, no problem! Rock that sleeping bag, sister! Added bonus: you have your own nap mat for work or play!!


model: Brandy Truman

1985 called. They want their gigantic frickin’ bow back. STAT.

model: Candace Weaver

model: Candace Weaver

I know some people like mummies, but this might be taking the “Egyptian Revival” look just a tad too far…added bonus: protection from a sand storm.

model: Gerri Talevich

model: Gerri Talevich

Super model by day…chimney sweep by night!

model: Stephanie Dieringer

model: Stephanie Dieringer

Now I know what to wear the next time I volunteer at the soup kitchen!

model: Savannah Caldwell

model: Savannah Caldwell

We had more fun than you could possibly imagine and laughed our cans off.

Now it’s your turn!!!

Here are the rules:

You have one week to choose one of the “before” pictures to replicate in the most ridiculous way you can imagine. There are no rules as to what you can and can’t use…be creative!! Use your cute children and torture them by dressing them up {it worked for me}, dress up your pet, yourself, your spouse, it doesn’t really matter. The more ridiculous the better {it will help you get in to the Halloween spirit anyway, yeah?}.

Submit your best picture to april@thesassytrashionista.com no later than midnight on October 6, 2015. The winner will be announced no later than October 12, 2015.

The person who makes me laugh until milk comes out of my nose, pee my pants {or both simultaneously} will win a $100 credit to either my website or my Etsy shop!! The credit will be valid for 6 months, so you’ll have plenty of time to use that bad boy!!

Oh! And did I mention this incredible “I Am Fabulous” bag generously donated by Gerri’s Closet? Yeah, you get that too…woot woot!

the "I Am Fabulous" bag

the “I Am Fabulous” bag

Alright…what on earth are you waiting for?????!!!!! Go be silly, have some fun, laugh at falling toast, share with your friends and ask them to play along…and show me what you’ve got!!

Thank you to all of the models who so generously gave their time {some of them would have been grounded had they said no} and allowed me to recreate my vision. A very special thank you to Dawn from Dawn Marie Photography for her time and her incredible talent {her nature photography is to die for}, and to Gerri from Gerri’s Closet who so graciously allowed us to use her gorgeous shop for the photo shoot {have you been there? good lawd, it’s delicious}, wrangled up a couple more models, toasted bread and hot glued it to a dress…and let me wrap her head up in some weird upholstery tubing. Y’all rock, and I am a VERY blessed gal to have your support, encouragement, love and most of all your friendship. You are both golden to me.

You can find Dawn’s work on Instagram @drank414, and you can find Gerri’s Closet on Facebook and on Instagram @closetgirlofgreen. She ships, people…and she’s got the goods! Follow them both, show them some lovin’ and share, share, share!!

Peace, Love and Blessings to All…

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