Jewelry Artist, SAH Mama, cat whisperer, random storyteller, inspirationalist and empowerer {my world, my words lol} spreading love and laughs one stamp at a time.


I have a vintage soul with eclectic tastes…..this is a pleasant way of referring to my split personalities, tendencies to  hoard  collect things and hang out at the thrift store way too much. But I digress.

I like stuff…can I get an amen? I am drawn to the rustic charm of shabby and primitive items, yet I adore the sparkle and glamour of rhinestones and crystals. I cannot resist the allure of the beat up, broken down, rusty – or shiny – or (score!!) both.

I hoard collect old things and make them new again….stuff you want made from stuff you don’t.

I attribute my creativity and resourcefulness to a long illustrious line of hillbilly women….that’s Appalachian Americans to you politically correct types….you know, women who had to make a whole lotta something out of a whole lotta nothing.  I have been taught to make candy from a potato. That, my friends, is resourcefulness at its finest.

I like to make people laugh and smile….and although my stand up career didn’t quite take off the way some had hoped, my communication style works well face to face. Mostly this is due to the fact that I can rely heavily upon overly exaggerated facial expressions and wild hand gestures to get my point across. And if that doesn’t work, sticking out my tongue normally does the trick.

When I’m not harvesting glitter on my Unicorn Ranch with Kevin Bacon and our kids, you can find this Appalachian Goddess carefully swerving around buggies in the heart of Amish Ohio, on my way to discover treasures at flea markets and thrift stores and maybe even stopping at the end of your driveway on trash day. It’s happened. Don’t judge.

If all of this sounds crazy to you, there is hope. Herein lies a written record of my descent in to madness, lovingly served up to you on a gloriously tarnished vintage silver platter. You are welcome.