25 at 40


So my self-prescribed one week hiatus from technology turned in to a little over a month.

Allow me to explain why. Upon our return from vacation (which, by the way was fantastic – there are stories and pictures of majestic, free roaming horses, making stoves out of hollowed out tree stumps and being chased by wildly territorial billygoats to come, I promise) I found out that the company I worked for was closing up shop and that I would be losing my job.

Officially unemployed, with my 40th birthday looming, I felt…

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You know what I’m talking about, right? For instance, the way your husband thinks your rump will look in a thong (fantasy) versus the fact that you know your rear end is going to swallow that mother faster than you can say howdy (reality)…..Or the way you’ve convinced yourself that Spanx are awesome (fantasy), and that various bits of your body won’t look like sausage spilling out of its casing (reality). Just for instance.

This became painfully apparent to me the winter I became completely obsessed with owning a pair of…

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Choose Your Own Adventure


Who out there remembers “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? I’m not sure when they were first published, but they were readily available to me as a child, and I loved them.

For those of you unfamiliar, they were these amazing books where the reader had the ability to, at certain critical points during the story, choose what might happen next. I say might, because of course you never really knew what the best decision would be. Should you follow old man Withers down the spooky tunnel to the left in an…

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The Amish Football League



As I may have mentioned a time or two, I am random. Random thoughts, random conversations, etc. etc. etc…..

A few weeks ago, as I was watching an elementary school basketball game, my companion and I struck up a conversation about kids and sports. More specifically, how times have changed (yes, I sound sound ancient and nostalgic) and that kids don’t play sports the way they used to. I don’t mean to say that kids don’t participate in sports, only that they don’t play sports. They play video games. Except for…

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It has been over a month since my last post, much to my chagrin. Between the holidays, winter break for the kids, school and moving, things have been hectic to say the least. I am the proverbial headless chicken right now. This should be a Trash Talk Tuesday topic, but rather than wait until next Tuesday to post, I am taking advantage of yet another (thank you, Old Man Winter) snow day at home with the children.

I hate moving. It is an enormous pain and it seems to take forever….

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Having a conversation with me is the equivalent of either:

  1. Being kidnapped, blindfolded and stuffed in to the trunk of a car, or
  2. Buying a one way ticket to Randomville. You expect the train to go in a certain direction, but once you board you are taken through a series of twists and turns and side excursions. You end up at your final destination, but you have no effing clue how you got there.

Neither option really sounds like a good one. Hold on kids, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Ahem.

And so I have found it…

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