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A week ago I posted and announced the “Nailed It!” 2nd Anniversary Giveaway and Contest here and on Facebook and Instagram. Participants were given one week to recreate one of the “before” looks in the post, send in a picture, make me laugh until milk came out of my nose or I peed my pants, all in the name of a chance to win fabulous prizes. The post was served to over 1,700 people on Facebook, so I expected to be flooded with entries, but I could have…

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The blog just celebrated its first anniversary, and for that I could not be more grateful. I am blessed beyond belief to have an amazing network of friends and family who have been incredibly encouraging and supportive of my endeavors….not to mention all of the support I have at home. I couldn’t do it without you, Kevin Bacon 😉 You are my biggest cheerleader. I humbly thank you.

This past year has brought with it so many changes it is simply mind-boggling. The company I worked for recently shut down, and…

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Have you seen the price of ground beef lately? Good gravy. It seems as though almost overnight the price has doubled. What gives?

I know it’s partially due to drought and record low cattle herds. That I get. What I don’t get is how hamburger, which is made from scraps for the most part, is now the same price as some cuts of steak. Steak, once the King of Meats, now has a crazy brother with which to share the spotlight. This must have been how Jimmy Carter felt…

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Ahhh, summer break. That magical time of year that children cannot wait for. Parents, though they put on a brave face, know that what starts out as unicorns, rainbows, cupcakes and kittens can quickly dissolve in to something that looks a lot like a chapter out of Lord of the Flies, especially if you have a group of kids that spend a lot of time together.

With summer break comes family vacation. Since our band of misfits already spends a lot of time together, we decided there was no better to way to help everyone relax and decompress than by…

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No, not justice for the people or any of that. This is not a human rights or political post. I’m talking about Justice for Girls. If you have a daughter between the ages of 6 and 14, you know all too well what I’m referring to. Groan…..receiving that in the mail makes my stomach churn almost as much as the day the American Girl catalog shows up. $100 for a doll?! Are you flipping kidding me? At any rate, back to Justice….

About a month ago we received the latest catalog,…

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Deconstructing the Dress


CYMERA_20131018_121504Awhile back (ok, a couple of years ago) I ran across this amazing beaded dress at the thrift store. Allow me to clarify: the beadwork was fabulous. The dress? Not so much….imagine if you will a Mrs. Roper mumu with a ton of really intricate beadwork, definitely circa late 70’s early 80’s. The parts were definitely greater than the sum in this case.

At any rate, I knew it had future fabulousness written all over it so I snatched it up, brought it home and immediately…..put it in to a Rubbermaid…

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Pigs Can Fly….or Reclaiming Your Creative Self


“That will happen when pigs fly!”

At some point in your life you have probably heard this phrase. Unless of course, you are an 8 year old, at which point the phrase will need to be explained at great length….trust me on this one.

With this phrase, someone is telling you that something is never going to happen. Ever.

But have you ever looked at it from the pig’s perspective? What if that pig WANTS to fly? Dreams of it even?

Pretend for a moment that you are a daydreaming porcine named Icarus. Your…

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Cheesy pun aside, I wanted to take the time to share some pieces that are on their way out the door as well as a super amazing Friday Find!

Last Friday my oldest son and I took a drive some 45 minutes north in order to pick up a copy of his high school transcripts. Not only was it a great opportunity for us to spend the day together, but we also had the chance to hit up a couple of the local thrift shops in the unending search for spoons……..

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