Costumes…They’re Not Just For Halloween Anymore


I wear a lot of jewelry – and the bigger the better. Flavor Flav’s got nothing on me.

My oncoming approach could never be described as stealthy….it’s probably more akin to that of a heavily belled cat. In other words, subtle is probably not a word that would be used to describe me…..choice in jewelry or otherwise.

Coco Chanel is quoted as saying “once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” Ha! Coco Chanel obviously knew  fashion, that is probably not something to be debated. But I’m not talking fashion here. I’m talking about creative self expression.

What if, say, you want to look like a hippie vagabond gypsy fortune teller? What then? My answer is to throw AT LEAST 3 more accessories on.

I’m not trying to be fashionable, I’m just trying to be me. And that’s a good thing. For some people less is more….I just prefer the more is more approach. You may be a Chanel kinda gal, I’m more a Vivienne Westwood or Betsey Johnson kinda gal.

With this said, I would like to offer my most sincere apologies to the late Ms. Chanel…and to your eardrums. I know I sound like gigantic windchimes on a blustery day….or your grandpa pacing the house jingling change in his pockets. At least during a rousing game of hide and go seek, you can rest assured that I will never, ever have the opportunity to sneak up on you.

My admission of being audibly obnoxious got me thinking about what we wear and why we wear it.

I have the luxury of working as a graphic artist in a very small company, so I can get away with a lot more than most (in fact I think they’ve come to expect just a tad bit of wackiness from me). I don’t have the uniform that one would have to wear if they were a police officer, doctor, mechanic, etc…..but I do think people tend to wear uniforms even if one isn’t required for their chosen profession. And masks. Not literal masks, the psychologically symbolic kind that so many tend to present to the world. Oh boy, that’s a whole other conversation.

Perhaps you have a more conservative job with a more conservative company where creative self expression is frowned upon. Maybe you worry about what your friends, neighbors, or children would think of you if you deviated from your uniform. Maybe you’re worried about your mother in law getting her knickers in a knot.

“Costumes are a way for women to play adult dress up – we can let different parts of our personalities out to have fun.” ~ SARK

You want to have fun, don’t you? For the love of gravy, I know I do. Ok, so maybe you can’t get away with a full blown costume (if you can, I am both legitimately happy for and envious of you!) but what about choosing some accessories that really speak to your soul? Something that screams “YOU!!!!” and makes you feel fabulous every time you wear them. Splendiferous scarves, amazing vintage coats and killer shoes – and dare I say fancy pants under gotchies – come to mind. Personally I own a ridiculous number of scarves. “You only have one neck” I have been told. Regrettably I am aware of this fact.

Some days I want to channel my inner Boudicca of Icena – out comes my incredible hand forged Celtic torc and a badass warrior goddess attitude to boot. Other days it’s Frida Kahlo and still others a fussy Victorian who could very easily be the central character in an Edith Wharton novel, however in this case I choose to leave the residual puritanical rules of society in the trash where they belong.

Oh the drama!! Honey, if I could figure out a way to look like a Ziegfeld girl I would do it. Those 5 foot wide feather headpieces are TO DIE for…they are, however, a bit cumbersome whilst attempting to operate a motor vehicle, walk through a doorway or be taken seriously at your daughter’s parent teacher conferences. We won’t even TALK about all the people you are sure to tick off if you wear it to the movie theater.


“We must wrap ourselves like the gifts that we are.” ~ SARK

Still worried about what people will think? Take baby steps, and remember….what other people think of you is none of your business. Period.

Please stop sitting about waiting for Halloween to roll around once a year to express your inner diva – warrior – bohemian – gypsy – fortune teller…..or tortured Mexican folk artist.

Let go and DO IT NOW. You will feel so much better, I promise…..and oh yes!!! About the literal masks – while I applaud the gusto with which you might choose to wear yours and get your inner “Mardis Gras” on….encourage it even, there are those who will not be so happy you did. Bank tellers come to mind. Or the guy at the gas station. Please proceed with caution.

Peace, love and Blessing to all…..



Succulent Wild Woman by SARK