Junktorian Jewelry



Some people flip old houses, I flip old jewelry. The same way that some people appreciate the character of an old home, I believe the wear and patina a piece accumulates over decades and even centuries is an intrinsic part of it’s charm. For me, it is absolutely a labor of love.

What is Junktorian Jewelry, exactly? Junktorian defines the style of jewelry I love to make, which involves rescuing “junk” jewelry, putting it through a little rhinestone rehab and restoring an item once destined for the landfill in to a new treasure.

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Some items are now available on Etsy! Please click on the picture and you’ll be redirected to my shop.

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*All sales are final. **Because the Junktorian jewelry is upcycled, there is no way to know the exact metal content of each piece. Please keep this in mind if you have sensitivity to certain metals.