Just Call Me “Bubble Girl”

Warning: The following post contains language you might find offensive and probably isn’t appropriate for kids, unless you are raising sailors. You’ve been warned, so don’t go gettin’ your knickers in a knot.



Sometimes I wish I could be a Vulcan…feelings are just so illogical, aren’t they? At the very least, they sure can be inconvenient.

I feel all the feels, all the time. I give a fuck…lots of them, actually. You could say that I’m a prostitute of feelings. I grow weary of the feels and getting my feelings hurt. I’m especially weary over the fact that the majority of the time I feel like things are done down-right intentionally.

Since I clearly lack the ability to shapeshift in to Dr. Spock, I have got to come up with a better plan. I want to remain soft in this too-hard world. I want to show people love, compassion and empathy, because as human beings we need to feel loved, nurtured and cared for. I’m just tired of getting run over by the Mack truck of negativity.

So I’m building myself a bubble, and that’s where I’m gonna live from now on.

The bubble will be cool, because I can choose to step outside of it at will, but no one can penetrate its invisible forcefield of awesomeness…I’m naming it the “Bullshit Deflector 6000,” or BSD 6000 for short.

My bubble is being built from the faith I have in myself, my self worth and a whole hell of a lot of determination. Of course it will be sprinkled with glitter, unicorns, kittens and rainbows. Oh, and happy thoughts. Because right now, I really feel like flying.

I’m super confident in the bubble’s ability to ward off the forces of evil.

Alright, I know…you can’t always avoid toxic people or environments, but you sure can change the way you react to them. I would love to never again suffer through the hurt of the negative feels, but I’ve come to realize how much more all that crap has made me appreciate the good ones.

So if you see me floating by in my bubble of awesomeness with a huge smile on my face, know that the BSD 6000 is doing its job keeping the shit where it belongs – out of my bubble.

You can try all you want to pop it, it really doesn’t matter…I forgot to mention that, like me, the bubble is indestructible…also know that I have figured out a way to incinerate people with rainbow laser beams shot from my eyes and glitter bombs.

And that shit gets messy.

Live long and prosper…