This post has been a long time in the making, but I finally found the notebook….you know, that notebook that has been eluding me for months? It magically appeared, and as I take that as a gift from the universe, it is finally this story’s time.

Weeks after I started my blog, I was the victim of cyber harassment. Someone attempted to post some incredibly personal and slanderous messages to my blog. Fortunately there is a filter and the comments never went live, but still I had to read them. The police chief had to read them. So did the Village Prosecutor and the Magistrate who eventually issued a CPO.

I have to tell you folks, I don’t normally discuss religion or politics. The reason? Your religion and your politics are none of my business. Our paths may cross during this life, but it doesn’t mean you have to follow me on mine or vice versa. Also, I don’t think I know it all….or that my beliefs and ideas are right, and you are wrong…or that I need to prove that to you. The word fanatical comes to mind.

With that said, today I will be discussing some of these topics because of the comments that were left on the blog. Without posting the comments verbatim (due to further potential legal issues, of course) I will be addressing certain topics in an easy to read, easy to follow along manner. I think you’ll get the gist.


Dealing with an adult who wants to post slanderous personal comments about you is the equivalent of arming a 13 year old “mean girl” with a sharpie and giving her way too much free time in the bathroom stall. Fortunately, I have an amazing janitor and he is an excellent sharpie remover. In fact, he’s removed sharpie from almost every imaginable surface…the insides of kitchen drawers, silverware dividers, shoeboxes, walls etc. He is also excellent at sanding out cryptically scrawled messages from wood. Sadly, scratches in dvd’s don’t come out, but they make hilarious conversation pieces given that the insults were misspelled.

Here are a few tips for you unscrupulous types who may be considering cyber harassment:

  1. Impersonating someone else by giving their name, email address or information is illegal. Please refer to the Ohio Revised Code.
  2. You will be tracked by your IP Address. Remember, hips and numbers don’t lie.
  3. Stop reading my blog. Get a life.



It was suggested I believe we “came from monkeys.” Humans are animals, true, but humans have the capacity for emotion. In what seems to me like the ultimate paradox, the emotions that separate us from animals are the very thing that turn us in to, well….animals. Some people have very little impulse control and the inability to process emotions in a rational, healthy and logical manner. Anyway.

  1. People didn’t evolve from monkeys, that’s really, really ignorant. I mean, really. Ignorant. Also, dinosaurs existed!! Satan didn’t plant the bones on earth to trick us all. Sheesh.
  2. A belief in (and I struggle with the word belief here, as it’s a fact, not an opinion) evolution doesn’t negate a belief in God. For the love of gravy, even the Vatican has an official position on “Theistic Evolution.”
  3. Evolution happened. Get over it. Pick up that money, put down that 2 for $20 menu and drag your rear end to the Natural History Museum. They have charts and graphs and everything….stuff even a monkey could understand.



I’m going to give you points for creativity on your interesting mashup of Christian and Hindu / Buddhist statements regarding Karma coupled with judgement day. It’s okay, you’re not alone. Karma is a widely misunderstood concept here in the Western World. Karma doesn’t work the way you think it does, but that’s okay too. There are lots and lots of books on the subject. Go read one. Then perhaps you will see that by being overly concerned with how Karma is going to bite me in the rump, and wishing ill upon me, you are actually effecting your own Karma. Mind blowing, isn’t it? In Christian terms, I think the closest comparison would be “you reap what you sew.” What I find particularly interesting here is that in relation to your limited understanding of Karma, the laws of the universe cease to apply to you. Bad stuff happens to me, it’s Karma. Bad stuff happens to you? It’s always someone else’s fault. Hmmm……that’s a head scratcher.

You may not always agree with the direction of my moral compass, that’s your prerogative. However I would suggest that you stop judging me. Jesus says not to and besides it’s a little hypocritical to judge my “sins” just because they are different from yours. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, right?

I pray to God (mine or yours, for it makes no difference to me) that you are able to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. It is impossible to let go of your anger and move forward to find peace and joy in your life without doing so. Also, please remember that the eyes that may eventually look in to mine will also look in to yours. And there’s a bit of explaining to be done.

Then again, some people aren’t interested in personal growth. They choose to eternally be the victim. They love the attention they can solicit from others and all the things they may gain from someone feeling sorry for them. Some people feed off of conflict and others’ misery….that’s why mean people have seemingly limitless energy. But growth is a personal choice, and that’s your path….ours may have crossed but only you can tell you where you want to go.

Peace, love and blessings to ALL……


PS….Still feel entitled to pass judgement? I’ve got a whole bucket of stones sitting on my front porch. Caste away, sister.